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What to Eat on the Daniel Plan

Fresh fruits and vegetables Lean protein Small Amounts of fat and fish oil, if possible. Brain healthy foods, like… avocado, dark choloate and more! Dr. Amen has much to say here.

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How to Get Started With The Daniel Plan

You probably ought to have the book, The Daniel Plan. Then sign up at the Daniel Plan website to get great support. Aside from those basic steps lets move on. Step 0: Know your inspiration. See Making the Daniel Plan Work For You. Step 1: Monitor what you are eating You can’t jump into changing […]

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How to have the Daniel Plan Work for You

Think of your inspiration. Why is it you want to make changes? Are there people who need you, who rely on you, that you want to do something for? Your relationship to God, you being a temple for his dwelling? Your desire for better health? To improve your self esteem? Your hope to have attack […]

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How to Lose 5 Pounds per Month

It’s very important in the Daniel Plan to have some measurements, a starting place. As Rick Warren says, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. So several of the beginning measurements would be your weight and your waist size. If possible blood pressure and other bloodtests can be taken as well. In fact a portable […]

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Welcome to Daniel Plan Diet Here we’ll detail The Daniel Plan history and specific program helps to help you with your make-over.